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Keyword Strategy is Crucial

Each month in the U.S., there’s an average of 1.2 million Google searches for the terms “personal injury lawyer” and “divorce lawyer.” The keyword phrase “what is a dui” results in roughly 120,000 searches annually.

Keywords are critical to an effective SEO strategy. Adding pages and posts to your website without a keyword strategy is like driving a car without a steering wheel.

Our legal content writers conduct keyword research and tailor your content for specific keywords while following some simple rules:

  • systematically add quality, unique and relevant legal content to be ranked,
  • keep viewers engaged,
  • optimize content for search engines, and
  • establish a plan for keyword research and strategic placement within content.

Why Us?

What sets us apart from all other lawyer and law firm website content writers is that we have actual real world experience practicing law – client acquisition and retention, case analysis and work up, pleadings, discovery, settlement and trial. We bring that experience to our writing. Our website content not only bring visitors to law firm’s your website, but is designed to keep them there.

Custom Plans for Success

Your legal web marketing success starts and ends with quality, unique and relevant legal content tailor made for your law firm’s website and your audience. We never employ a “one size fits all” strategy. What works for a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles won’t necessarily work for a family lawyer in Manhattan.

Contact our legal website content writers today. 215.839.8461

Our lawyers write, edit and publish:

  • legal articles,
  • legal posts,
  • news articles, and
  • frequently asked questions.


*Limited number of clients accepted per practice area and city/state.

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