Law Firm Websites

There are three things a lawyer’s website needs:

  • search engine optimized design,
  • clean, user friendly design, and
  • an easy to use content management system.

Search Engine Optimized Design

A lawyer’s website MUST be designed with search engines in mind.  It has to be optimized for search engines to match keywords to the site.  

Necessary components such as keywords, title tags, sitemaps, proper HTML code, fast load times must be present on the website.

Designing an optimized website is very technical, and we make sure that your website has all the SEO factors to rank well with search engines.

Clean, User Friendly Design

A website cannot just be designed for search engines.  It must also be designed for users. Therefore, a website designed for the user as well as for the search engines will always yield better search results and better conversion than a site designed for only search engines.

Certain factors must be considered when designing a user friendly website:

  • Can a user immediately tell what the site is about?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Does the website provide clear contact information?
  • Is the website structured well?

Our designers incorporate and ensure all of the factors necessary for a user friendly website are present on the website.

Content Management System

Static websites designed with a sit and wait approach will not yield any results. Legal websites must contain content management systems which allow for the addition of content. Search engines like Google have always emphasized the importance of fresh, unique, and relevant content.

Content can be many things:

  • articles,
  • news posts,
  • blogposts,
  • frequently asked questions,
  • videos,
  • infographics, and
  • pictures.

The websites we design allow you, as the owners of the website, to add articles, blogs, news, etc.  With our system, you can post content or you can hire us to do it for you.

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