SEO Strategies & Consulting Services

Website SEO

We provide SEO recommendations based on your areas of pratice and city/state.

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Lawyers and law firms often ask us to assess their websites to make sure it is optimized for search engines.

We will review your website and make recommendations for keywords, site organization and structure, placement of engagement points and other various factors.


SEO Copywriting

Our legal team writes optimized legal content including articles, blog posts, news and more.

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The success of internet marketing for lawyers and law firms begins and ends with legal content that is optimized for search engines and potential clients. Our experienced lawyers write legal articles, blog posts, news articles and frequently asked questions (FAQ) for your practice areas. Click here to learn more about legal website content by our lawyers.

Book Writing

Convey your expertise with a book or informtional pamphlet. 

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Free books or downloadable marketing materials can foster a sense of trust in your expertise and are an excellent way to attract website viewers and convert them into clients.  These materials provide the lawyer with opportunities for future marketing efforts such as email marketing or newsletter campaigns. Our lawyers collaborate with you and ghostwrite legal marketing books and material for your practice areas.


Attorney informational videos can and do create leads.

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As practicing lawyers trying to get video on our website, we learned the hard way that professional videographers charge thousands of dollars for a single one or two minute video. Other legal marketing companies charge similar rates. Also, many videographers didn’t know how to direct the video for internet marketing and target website viewers. Frustrated with expensive videos that weren’t useful, we learned how to shoot, produce, edit, and post quality HD videos targeted for your internet audience. Our lawyers work with you to produce and post high quality video on your website.