Jul 202012

Content Writing for Lawyer Websites

The reality is that ranking means adding content on a regular basis. After all, recency and frequency are two key factors in search engines’ ranking algorithms. It’s not just any content, either. Content must strike the right balance between keeping the attention of the reader as well as containing critical SEO elements.

Lawyers hardly ever have time to add content. When they do, they make the same mistakes – they write content not easily digestible by a lay person or a potential client. They write things that make sense, only to themselves.

Five Tips for Better Lawyer Website Content

1. Avoid legal jargon. One of the sure-fire ways to lose a viewer is to use legalese. The last thing any potential client wants to do is go to the dictionary when reading an online article. Write like you speak. The goal is to be approachable and convey expertise.

2. Get to the point. Longwinded paragraphs are another sure-fire way to lose a viewer. The internet is the information highway. So make it quick. Viewers want to get as much information as they can and quickly.

3. Be creative. More and more lawyers are adding content to their websites, and as a result, legal search marketing is quickly becoming saturated. What keeps you different than the rest is limited only by the extent of your own creativity. Use infographics or different colored fonts. Dare to be different.

4. Keep it relevant. Keep it relevant to your potential client. That’s who you’re targeting. So if you’re talking about a contract issue, talk about a contract issue and don’t get off point. If the title of your article pertains to payment of medical bills after a car accident, don’t talk about property damage.

5. Guest blogs. When you’re out of ideas or time, ask for guest blogs from colleagues or anyone you want to network with. Send periodic emails asking them for guest blogs. It’s flattering and you’re marketing yourself at the same time.

Bonus tip: The golden rule of ranking is to write unique content often. So start writing and don’t stop.

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