Oct 082013

Updating your law firm’s website with great content is one of the keys to ranking well. By ranking well, your website stands a chance at getting leads from the internet. For example, you write a few articles about trial tactics in a family law or divorce case. Your website is on page one of a Google search result for “divorce case in Florida, will my case go to trial.” A potential client contact clicks on your website, reads the article and calls you about his case.

Great legal content on your website also has another, equally important benefit – it showcases your expertise in your practice area. This is important for your current client base as well as potential clients who are referrals. For example, you are a criminal defense lawyer. Your friend’s friend needs a criminal lawyer for an expungement, and after hearing your name, looks on the internet to investigate your credentials. She visits your website and sees an article you wrote about expunging a record. She also sees various other legal articles on your website. She contacts you about her case.

Whether the prospective client is a website visitor or a referral, great legal content on a lawyer or law firm’s website is key for conversion, i.e., getting a lead to contact you about their case.

Most lawyers are busy running their offices and practicing law. They simply do not have an extra hour each day to write, edit and post great content to their websites. I have been there. Below are some great time-saving tips to writing and posting great legal content on your website.

Three Time-Saving Tips to Develop Lawyer Website Content

  1. In the dawn of smartphones, download a transcription app (Dragon Dictation is the one I use) and start dictating. This app lets you email transcribed notes to yourself and within an hour you can post an article. For example, you can create and post an article on your way to motions court or discovery court.
  2. Did you argue a brief or motion which was ruled in your client’s favor? Get the transcript, redact identifying info, and post it with a brief synopsis of the type of case and the issue. Make sure to explain the legal issues in layman’s terms. This is a great way to showcase your expertise.
  3. In the same vein, if you’re giving a presentation, have a friend record it. If you have a smart phone, you can set it to record as well. Then get your staff to transcribe it. You might have 3 or 4 posts. SpeechPad is a great online transcription company for larger audio files. It costs $1.00 per minute for transcription.