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We’re experienced trial lawyers with a knack for writing SEO legal content. Having a JD isn’t enough. Only an experienced lawyer can anticipate and address your potential clients' questions and needs.

SEO DesignWebsite Development

We design search engine friendly websites for law firms while keeping in mind the importance of user friendly design.

LCL Web SolutionsConsulting

Our team develops custom marketing solutions to suit your law firm's internet marketing needs.


"Before we hired LCL Web Solutions, we had a larger company, one of the many companies out there that handle web marketing for law firms, handling our internet site. We weren't getting phone calls returned and we weren't getting results, and we weren't being kept apprised of what was happening in our website development. That is until we hired LCL Web Solutions."

“Julia and Louisa are two of the nicest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with. They’re as honest as the day is long and they’re just wonderful people who I promise you, you’ll enjoy working with.”

"Their “take-charge” approach to our legal web marketing has provided significant dividends. Their ability to take a concept and see it through to reality is done with a perfect blend of persistence, creativity and diligence."

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Do you have a website but aren't happy with the results?

Do you get invoices for web marketing services you know nothing about?

Do you want a new website but don't know where to start?

We've been in each situation, and we are here to help you and answer your questions.

You Have a Website but See No Results

It's not good enough to just have a website up and do nothing with it. You must update your website and keep it dynamic. Your website will convert traffic into clients.

Content is king. Without quality, unique, interesting content that answers your potential clients' questions, your website might as well not exist. You must regularly add content in order to be ranked and indexed by the search engines. It's not just any content, you need a good legal content writer to entice your viewers to stay on your website and convert into clients.

That's where we come in. Our writers are experienced trial lawyers and have the expertise and knowledge of writing search engine optimized (SEO) legal content. This unique combination is highly effective in keeping search engines happy and attracting website viewers. The end goal is to get new clients.

You Have a Website and Get Invoices for Services You Know Nothing About

As a lawyer, you focus on practicing law. You don't have time to focus on marketing. Even if you think you do, you soon discover you don't have time. So, you hire a company to provide an internet marketing service and you see an invoice every month. You see you are paying for linking, pay per click, paid advertising, SEO, or video, but you don't know if it really works or what it does.

We've been there, and many of our clients have been there too. We, as lawyers and marketers, know what type of internet marketing works for law firms, and what doesn't. We have devised a proven formula that works for lawyers and law firm websites, and it revolves around producing high quality legal content. Contact our legal internet marketing team today for a free assessment of your web legal content and whether we can help devise the right content formula for you.

You Want a New Website but Don't Know Where to Start

Whether you don't have a website or you don't like your current website, you know you need to have a good internet presence. We can design your website and/or optimize your current website to improve internet presence, generate traffic, and get clients, all without having to pay referral fees.

Contact our legal internet marketing team today. 215.839.8461